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Test both tower impedance and earth pit / tower resistance in one kit

A must to understand to understand the complex tripping of transmission lines

Tower impedance tester kit


Measures tower impedence 

Measures tower impedance without removing top earth wire. Also provided with low freqency mode to enable earth pit testing / tower earth resistance testing apart from impedance.



Fully automatic with auto range with provision for manual settings


Smart features

Can connect with android app and store and trend monitor tower impedance of line with graphical / excel reports.



Light weight (less than 1 kg) and exteremely user friendly


The BET-1M, is light weight, cost effective kit, comes handy to measure the Tower earth impedance without
isolating the top earth wire. It also monitor substation earth pit just by selecting the mode. In Tower footing
earth impedance mode, it effectively checks the performance of tower earthing to handle high frequencies such as lightning / sudden surges and also with high end algorithm checks the low frequency performance to handle high fault current. This equipment is a must for transmission line maintenance team which can help them analyse whether the transmission line tripping could be caused due to in-proper tower earthing design. It is also provided with low freqency mode to check resistance. 


Tower earthing plays a very vital role and is very important part of transmission line design and has to be
periodically monitored to ensure proper operation of transmission line. The tower earth has high dependence
on frequency. For low frequency, the earth impedance is a pure resistance and remains constant and equal to
DC resistance. At high frequency the earthing behaviour is inductive (the impedance value increases with square
root of frequency). Hence tower earthing need to be monitored for both resistance and impedance to safe
guard from high frequency and low frequency attacks. Due to top earth wire it becomes difficult to measure
tower earthing resistance as removal of top earthing is not possible as it is not safe and time consuming. Tower
footing impedance tester helps in over comming these problems and also monitor impedance additionally.
BET-1M is a must for transmission line maintenance team. 

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